Here’s the Deal [author policies and disclaimers]

As of July 22, 2011:

  1. I’m just a girl with a lot of opinions, who likes to write. I do a lot of reading and recreational research, so I do feel I’m fairly educated and up-to-date on things, but I don’t claim to be a theologian, economist, political scientist, psychologist, dentist or expert of any kind
  2.  I’ll write a lot about Catholicism, here, and with that comes a certain risk.   There are some things that are objectively true or false, which all Catholics must believe, and there are other things that require more personal discernment, where there is room for Catholics to disagree among themselves.  I will try to stay within the latter realm, but if I ever make the mistake of posting something that strays away from Church teachings, make me aware of it so I can look into it and remedy the situation.  Don’t want to excommunicate myself by being a public heretic!
  3. Like most people, I’m going to have consistency problems, but this is not a “Catholic blog,” it is a blog by a Catholic.  The Faith is just so much a part of my every day life, and my world, that context would be nigh on impossible if I didn’t sometimes write about “Catholic stuff.” One day, I may blog about Marian Devotion and the next, blog that “Oh em gee, SNL was sooooo funny last night, amiright?”  I apologize in advance.
  4. Regarding comments, I’m not into censorship, and am not responsible for the opinion or language of anyone else.   I invite perspectives contrary to my own and realize that by having a public blog, I assume full responsibility for any damage done to my own ego in the combox.   However, I expect commenters to try to be charitable and respectful towards each other and me— I’m fragile, you know.  Intelligent, heated discourse is great.  I’d love to see that, because having people who challenge you makes you think and we could all use more thinking.  But If there’s just mindless abuse towards me, or other readers, I will delete your comment.  A second time and I’ll ban you.  On the internet, it’s easy to forget that there’s a real person on the other end.
  5. I won’t debate with my readers in the combox.  I may bristle when someone misinterprets, misunderstands or disagrees with what I’m saying, but ultimately, I’m the author and moderator, and won’t be able  to referee properly if my own comments are on the line.  It wouldn’t be fair to anyone.  I also don’t want to risk people further misunderstanding me if I say something that confuses them about where I stand on the issue.   I’ve said what I’ve said and I won’t feel the need to defend myself.  If I do, I’ll get back on my soap box and monologue about it. If you’d really like to talk to me personally about an issue, email me at thecatacombdissent-at-gmail-dot-com.

I can’t think of anything else I wanted to say, but I’ll let you know if I become any more Orwellian.   In the meantime, read, leave comments and tell your friends!

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