About Sarah

I have plenty of opinions, about which I feel passionately, (while also striving to remain Vulcanly intellectual and unemotional) and can be rather disagreeable. 

Apparently, when you’re as unforgivingly argumentative and cermudgeonly as I am, you either start a blog, or go into law.  I’d someday like to do the latter, but the former is cheaper and requires less intelligence, as I’m sure anyone at all familiar with Teh Internetz will tell you. 

My opinions–diverse, accepting and well-rounded as I believe they are– are derived from unwavering orthodox Catholicism, sedevacantism (I’ll explain what that means throughout my writing) and a right-wing Independent point of view.  If this bothers you, that’s ok.  I’ll probably be happier to have people who disagree with me reading my blog than I will be to have those who are more like-minded.

I’m 19 years old and on my own in the world.  I have two jobs, one of which fortunately allots me a lot of time to mess around in the web.  I like literature, hiking, food, movies, good men and my messy red hair.  Like Superman, I stand, hands on hips, for Truth, Justice, and the American Way.

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